Friday, July 2, 2010

Garden June 2010

The weather hasn't been cooperative, lots of heat little rain. I've had to reseed some parts but thats ok. This picture only shows one end of the garden I'm standing at the end looking back. The chickens run is on one edge of the garden. In one of the pictures, the one with Agnes our Orpington hen, you can see the hops that I grow for our homemade beer. It does double duty as shade for the hens and believe it or not they won't eat it. Guess its not to their liking.

At the end of the garden near the shed I have my farmgirl bathing area. Yes thats a red clawfoot tub behind the grape vines and yes I have used it. Gardening doesn't have to be all work you know!
This year we expanded about 150-200 square feet and have several raised beds throughout the yard. My garden and yard have been chemical free for 12 years. Just good ole compost and hen manure.


  1. What a treat BOTH of your blogs are. I am seventeen shades of green over your outdoor tub AND the glamper. Oh, you've done a great job all the way around. Red is my favorite color too and I see you must like it also. Your coop is darling...well, it just all is. I added you to my personal blog list so I can follow your new photo postings. I have a very good friend who lives in Loveland. I'll be going down to see her in the next month. I really enjoy visiting down and going out to eat are things I don't get to do much of up thisaway. Take care my friend, love your flare! shery jespersen - the MJF ranch farmgirl

  2. love your garden! So wanting chickens but hubby not totally on track yet. The raised beds make a huge difference!

  3. Heather, I had so much fun reading about your adventure in keeping chickens! Lovely homestead you have! Just goes to show what you can do even in a city!

    Thanks for joining Homestead Revival!

  4. LOVING your blog Heather!

    Susan (MJF #1978)