Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Glamper, maiden voyage

This is the after picture so far........I'm using an antique ironing board as a table outside. It works great for a place to have snacks and then I place a pitcher and bowl on it to "freshen" up at before dinner. The door was badly damaged so Dave (my hubby) quickly rebuilt it in the plank board bunkhouse theme.
Went took off for the long weekend and ended up in Cheyenne Wy. antique shopping. Have glamper need goodies! At the camp ground we had lots of other campers (huge motorhome mansions!) Stop by to peep in and say hi! It's a conversation opener for sure. I'll get some construction photos up soon and I have to say a big THANK YOU to my farmgirl sister Grace in Washington for all her cheerleading! She gave good ideas and cheered me on.


  1. Hey Heather, all I can say is WOWZERS! you all did a great job on your sweet mini home on wheels!
    Next year you will have to tow her up this way, to meet up w/our lil band of trailerette Girls who love Glamping.
    trailer hugz,

  2. oh how I envy your sweet little camper. I want one so bad. Looking at yours just sweetened the desire even more. You are blessed my friend.