Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Coop

In February of 2009 the city of Longmont Colorado, after much debate, decided to start a pilot backyard chicken program. For now we have to have a permit and there is a limit to how many permits are available. I am one of the lucky ones and received my permit (#3) and away I went! There have been a few set backs. As I may only have 4 hens and received three roo's in my first batch of pullets I was getting a bit discouraged. I re-homed the boys and started again. I did get 4 hens finally and thought all was good. Unfortunately one of my misc. breed hens started to be a neurotic mess. Screeching at all times of the day if she didn't get her way with the other hens. This didn't sit to well with the neighbors and so as not to lose my permit I had to relocate her. I have a friend who agreed to take her to her ranchette outside of town to live with her hens and so far she's doing good......still gets vocal from time to time but much happier.
I have my flock for now, 1 Austrolorp, 2 Orpington's. They are all laying now and it's so wonderful to crack open one of their eggs, a deep orange, and take that first bite. YUMMMMM.... Now let me tell you a little something. I used to not be able to eat eggs by themselves for many years. I had picked up an allergy. Since I now control what goes into my happy hens I no longer have this issue. Believe it or not but I am now completely sold on the idea of trying to produce as much as I can for my family, garden etc., and what I do purchase I make good decisions and use the farmers market and as much organic locally grown items as possible.
I know a gentleman from work who has done some marvelous things here in Boulder County. Please stop by his web site, , and check it out. I think every city should have something like it. By the way Kipp has just begun his journey into the world of backyard chickens...Yeah Kipp!
So for all those people out there that have always wanted to have chickens and be a little more self sufficient just do it! Check your local laws and then just jump right in!
Having chickens is one of the best things I've done recently, OK besides my cool Camper project, and as I sit here blogging, drinking my coffee sitting next to the Coop watching chicken TV, I am reminded just how lucky I am and how it's the simple things in life that truly matter.

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